2013: Creating Your New Life

2013: Creating Your New Life
Create your Life as your Enlightened Presence
living in Unity Consciousness!

Three-class Course offered live January 29, February 5 & 12 by teleseminar/webcast and available online.

Many are realizing that even though the Earth has aligned with the heart of the Galaxy and tremendous amounts of Light and Love have been flooding our planet starting with 12-12-12 and increasing at the 12-21-12 Solstice, they are still feeling stuck in their old life, disappointed that they havenít awakened to a new world. If that is you, you are not alone and the Masters are coming forth to assist you in breaking free of the limiting habits of the ego that will allow the Presence to guide you with ease and grace to use these powerful energies and create your new life of unlimited freedom and joy.

The Ascended Masters within the Councils of Shamballa:

As you enter into this next cycle of your life on Earth, many of your perceptions about how you think things are ~ or how you believe they should be ~ will begin shifting out of the limiting, conceptual mind of your ego until at last your 3rd dimensional way of experiencing each other and the world around you will feel like a long-ago dream. The Presence is helping to make this shift a reality because you are all part of a great awakening that is moving your planet and all life upon her into a new dimension of your shared consciousness. You are being invited to expand your co-creative capacity by using all of the attributes and qualities of your Presence in union with the great cosmic beings known as the Elohim, who are the builders of the form worlds, to create your new Golden Age of Freedom.

You are invited to learn from the great spiritual Masters how to create your life as your enlightened Presence living in Unity Consciousness during these glorious times. Your Presence will be in council with the Masters so together you can co-create as Golden Age emissaries who are deeply aware of how to live in complete harmony with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. This Blueprint includes the plan for the whole of humanity and all of life upon your planet and beyond, as the Earth has moved into oneness with the heart of the Central Sun of your galaxy. Since the Earth has moved out of isolation from her galactic family, you are moving into a much stronger alignment with those within your ancient star families and this means that you will be creating your new life on Earth from a much more expanded perspective of living in Oneness with all of life everywhere.

You are invited to create with the celestial host of both the Archangels and the Elohim. The devas and elementals who work directly with the Elohim are now calling for the co-creative assistance of your Presence so this next cycle of life can bring about a much greater level of harmony between humanity and all that supports the beauty and wonder of Earth. There needs to be a deeper and more conscious cooperation and communication between the human, angelic and elemental kingdoms as there once was on Lemuria, and this potential is within your ancient crystalline DNA and the living Akasha that surrounds the planet and your body.

The Archangels and the Elohim want to extend your capacity to bring more of the planet and all of life upon her into complete harmony and cooperation so no part of life is being forgotten or abused and you can redefine yourself as a planetary citizen living on Earth as your Presence.

In this Course, the Masters will begin by assisting you to move beyond the confines of the limited patterns of the ego so that you can create this new world and a new life.

Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia:

For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have been following the dictates of their limited ego rather than being led by the eternal wisdom of their unlimited Presence. Eventually, the mind of nearly every human being became so inexorably linked to the habitual patterning of his or her ego that living in a limited state of consciousness began to feel completely natural. That time must now draw to a close if the Great Shift of the Ages is to have the supportive strength that it needs to literally catapult the hearts and minds of humanity out of the maze of limitations that have been established by the 3rd and 4th dimensional levels of the ego, so all of life can move into the freedom and joy that naturally abides when one is living in Unity Consciousness.

Now is the time to break free of any old egoic habits that you have adopted in the past based solely on how you have learned to create from your co-dependency on your ego. For example, breaking the workaholic habit that has enslaved so much of humanity and kept them from creating with the ease and grace of their Presence that only creates in joy.

It is also important to break the addiction of avoiding responsibility because it is too painful to be present. This can lead to different forms of escape, such as alcohol, drugs, food, TV, shopping, having affairs, getting divorces or even moving to a new town.

These are all signs of being controlled by the ego, which has kept us lifetime after lifetime from co-creating in the effortless ease, grace and joy of our Presence.

Now is the time to allow the unlimited Presence to create through us, yet each of us must break the chains of the ego's control over us, which we have given it through our addictions and by letting the ego guide us instead of the Presence.

Our wounded inner child, or emotional wounds, has kept us stuck in limited emotions and led to our being vulnerable to our own enslavement to the dictates of the ego. When the limited emotions are lifted into your true Divine Feminine nature, you will open and receive the unlimited creativity of the Presence so you can truly create with ease and grace.

In this Course, you will learn how to move your ego out of its tendencies to control your emotional responses, so you can then use those energies to connect with the higher feeling nature of the Divine Feminine expression of your Presence.

The Presence is always in a state of unlimited possibility and knows the solution to every problem. When you are in union with your Presence you can create with ease and grace, effortlessly, while always finding loving, compassionate solutions that honor and respect all life and allow you to live in peace, freedom and abundance.

This can only be done through the Divine Feminine, which is the part of you that knows how to surrender, open and allow the Presence to penetrate your awareness so you can be lovingly and gracefully guided to live your life in optimum peace, joy, freedom and abundance.

In this Course, you will learn from the Masters how to:

*Co-create your new life with your Presence in ease, grace, effortlessness and joy

*Break free of the limiting and often addictive habits of the ego

*Transcend the energies within any limiting 3rd dimensional paradigms

*Move your mind out of any tendencies to remain vulnerable to the dictates of your ego

*Find out how avoiding pain and responsibility only leads to living in separation from your Presence

*Transcend childhood wounds so you are able to respond to others based on the higher feeling capacities of your Presence

*Use your Divine Feminine nature to connect with the unlimited abilities of your Presence

*Allow your Presence to guide every aspect of your daily life

*Open to receive the multidimensional energies that are recorded within your ancient crystalline DNA

*Cooperate with the tremendous expansion of Source energies that are now coming in to support your ascension process

*Tap into the gifts you have accumulated in both the Golden Ages of Lemuria and Atlantis

*Create your life as your enlightened Presence living in Unity Consciousness

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The cost for all three classes of 2013: Creating Your New Life is only $95. There is a discount for couples taking the Course together or $145.

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In the Love of the One Heart,

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose