Create a Successful Business As Your Unlimited True Self

Create a Successful Business As Your Unlimited True Self:
Actualize Your Life’s Purpose
and Your Ultimate Service in the World

Apply the Masters’ Teachings on a Practical Level to Business:
The Successful Implementation of Spirit in Everyday Work

March 11, 18 and 25
5:00-6:30 pm PT/8:00-9:30 pm ET (90 minutes)

Online Worldwide
Replays Available Immediately
$98 for all 3 classes

We have been living within a cycle of forgetfulness for millennia and our unique opportunity is now to awaken to the amazing Goodness that we are and transform our world guided by the wisdom of our Greater True Self.

In this light, business becomes an activity whose mission is completely intertwined with our larger goal – to awaken to our Destiny and ascend in truth to our certainty, and the majesty and magnificence of who we truly are.

We can work with our brothers and sisters in “co-creatorship” to bring about unity and wellbeing to as many as possible to live in peace and harmony, love and respect, and create communities that really matter because we are co-creating Heaven on Earth through our businesses.

You are being invited to elevate you and your business from where you are to where you want to be using your higher guidance, and gain a new inspired perspective and dynamic position in life that fills your life with profound meaning and purpose because you are focused and aligned with what truly matters.

This is the time to change gears and stop asking the Universe to be the way you want it to be and start creating it anew by emanating from inside out a clear vision, and utilizing the opportunities with your clients/customers and the everyday working environment to sculpt your business into being an example of what’s possible.

We have been inspired by the Masters to create this very unique training that aligns each of us with a business that serves the well-being of the world, creating empowering businesses that are innovative and carry the passion of each person—for in the process we transform ourselves, each other and the world.

Learn game changing technology—an innovative revolutionary approach—to put an end to past robotic behaviors that are responsible for inner struggles, outer battles, business disasters and rampant corruption that have undermined the truth of who we really are and our Power to positively choose our destiny.

Create your business as an expansive environment that nurtures and supports the joyful evolution, growth and true prosperity of all concerned.

In this Course you will learn how to:

* Enjoy a business that nurtures you on the deepest level and supports expansion into the highest expression of your full potential while tapping into the abundance of the universe.

* Determine if your business is an accurate expression of your unlimited true self and your life’s purpose.

* Create a business that is free of past doubt, fear and debt.

* Use the ups and downs of life to consistently move forward.

* Open to receive your higher wisdom and let it pour into your awareness.

* Remain connected to the certainty of your inner guidance that will ensure your success every step of the way.

* Pay attention to your inner navigation system to successfully chart your course through the ever-changing world of economics and business.

* Recognize when you are disconnected and reconnect and stay aligned with your wise Inner Knower.

* Sustain stillness, peace and a sense of your Greater Self in the now moment to connect with your greatness and know the truth that you are without any reactions or distractions.

* Move beyond old robotic ego behaviors stored in your everyday mind that cover up your real brilliance.

* Correctly perceive your environment, as well as your higher guidance to make choices that constantly improve your actions and results.

* Evolve into your true inheritance and higher potential that completely changes your everyday game and strategy of your business activity and your life.

Become masters at tuning into, feeling and following the guiding voice of your Greater Self ~ become familiar with its messages and ways to communicate since its voice is not as loud as the ego-generated noise that normally surrounds and compels our attention.

Increase your capacity to discern what is happening in your internal space so you can recognize the players and their actions:

Your ego part of yourself is determined to keep in control, still operating from the past and forcing solutions that are repetitive and out of sync with the present situation, operating outside of reality from an urgent sense of survival and forcing its way fueled by a never-ending ambition to accumulate at all costs and judge down or suppress all that comes in its way.

Or your Wise Greater Self – This is who you really are, operating with higher energy, guidance and feelings of inspiration, peace, love, cooperation and 100% certainty.

In this course, you will receive teachings, distinctions, understandings, strategies, examples and exercises that will align your business creations with what will fulfill your deepest purpose, meaning and mission in life

* Open to receive your highest guidance to ensure your success, align with your greatest potential and experience unlimited prosperity.

* Turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs to move forward to achieve your vision.

* Actualize your Passion to implement your Mission in life, which will bring you the greatest satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment.

* Open to receive a higher perspective and play a bigger game where more people can participate and win.

*Align with the powerful Flow of the Universe that results in mutual prosperity.

*Connect with your wise Inner Knower that always has workable mutually beneficial solutions.

* Easily take risks that favor your growth and upward evolutionary path.

* Design your business to impact the world and the planet in the greatest way.

* Ensure that your business serves the highest in yourself and others—employees, consumers, humanity, the world, the environment, etc.—on all levels.

Build an even grander expression of your Dreams, correct what is not working and transform it into new workable actions, effectively contributing to the good of your clients/customers and the world while being a living demonstration of the highest Truth of Who You Really Are as your unlimited wise True Self.

* Cease creating problems from the limited ego mind and create solutions from your unlimited true self.

* Access the qualities of your greater self: creativity, compassion, understanding, wisdom, intuition, strength, and discernment.

* Create healthy, successful, happy and lasting businesses and business relationships.

* Create and live in full integrity with your true self.

* Discover and resolve what is holding you back from achieving your highest vision and living your life’s purpose in business and in life.

* Uncover sabotaging limited beliefs to shift into your unlimited greater self.

* Put an end to doubt, confusion, upsets, having to be right and look good, disappointment, disillusions, negative emotions, low self esteem, blame, excuses, gossip, destructive suppressive behaviors, cruelty and disdain for others, lying and making up stories, fabricating fantasy, defending position, feeling stuck, avoiding facing responsibility, afraid, concern, unable to move forward, and comparing yourself to others.

* Move into understanding, comprehending, love, appreciation, high self-esteem, certainty, power, fulfillment, inner knowing, inner connection, being in the zone, synchronistic opportunities and high creativity, happiness and joy, peace within, living from truth and responsibility, wisdom and high intelligence, activities designed to build value in the world, compassion and healing, emanating love and unity, freedom, imagining a life that brings you joy, creating the life you love, living a purposeful life and allowing others to do the same.

* Let go of the past, its addictions and negative behaviors and get to know your new, spontaneous, genuine true self.

* Discover your greater unlimited self and how to express that in your business while continuing to build a great contribution to the world.

* Create a win-win for you and your clients/customers.

* Discover what makes life difficult at all turns and how to follow your inner navigation system to create the life and business you really want and deserve.

* Live a life of joy and experience the universe showering you with abundant blessings.

*Avoid the pitfalls that cause most businesses to fail.

*Move beyond survival or accumulation to bring the highest expression of your unlimited True Self into your business.

*Access your inner wealth.

Create a business that nurtures you on the deepest level and fills you with purpose, joy and meaning.

* Create a business that is a recharging station and recharges you and everyone else.

*Purposely design a business that is an expression of your life purpose and serves everyone’s highest good, so your products and services are a reflection of what is needed and wanted by people and creates well-being everywhere.

* Create your product or service to reflect the highest in you and filled with Light and Love, so your business and what you offer becomes irresistible to others.

* Create a business environment that nurtures and supports you and others to thrive on all levels.

* Know when you are living from your unlimited greater self OR when you are living from your limited ego so you can correct it.

* Transform limitations into unlimited freedom.

Be a living demonstration of inspired leadership: Receive the Light of inspiration—which shows you why you are alive, why you are part of the Universe, what you came here to contribute and gives you a sense of meaning and purpose—that brings your higher creativity and expression into business and all your relationships.

You are invited to:

* Discover your specific talents and potential that will enable you to blossom by implementing your specific service in the world that is your unique contribution you came here to offer.

* Move beyond comparing yourself to others, their thinking, actions or results in life.

* Discover your unique specialized intentions waiting to be developed and expanded to arrive at the successful completion of your chosen mission that brings profound meaning and prosperity.

* Discover where your true treasure exists and where your opportunity for evolution lies.

* Choose your business activity wisely and totally in alignment with your higher guidance that is here to guide your choices and support your joy and delight by being a messenger of your own message, your unique service and contribution to the world.

* Use business as a way to face your fears, breakthrough and learn about who you really are and become the master of your life.

* Develop your inner game to ensure a successful business.

* Create your business and make all decisions from your unlimited wise self

* Have your business be an expression of and playground for your wise unlimited self to create fun, joy and abundance.

* Use Conscious Business Practices and Strategies to make enlightened choices and mutually-empowered success.

* Connect with your Inner Knowing to guide you to Success

* Connect with your Intuition and increase Your Creativity

* Access wise unlimited business solutions that serve you, your employees, your clients/customers, the world, and at the same time enhances your bottom line.

You are being invited to connect with the higher guidance of your true self and create a business that is in alignment with your life’s mission and passion and expresses your full potential.

Special Guest Speaker: Jaime Perczek, highly successful business owner for 33 years, and graduate of the Golden Age Teachers Trainings continues to apply the Masters’ teachings to creating a successful consciousness-based business model.

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This Course consists of three 90-minute classes, presented live Online each week via teleclass/Skype/webcast, March 11, 18 and 25 (with downloadable Replays available immediately).

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The cost for all three classes of Create a Successful Business As Your Unlimited True Self: Actualize Your Life’s Purpose and Your Ultimate Service in the World is only $98. There is a discount for couples taking the Course together of $146.

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