Golden Age Children Course

A Golden Age Course for Parents, Grandparents, Teachers & All those Who Love Children and their own Inner Child

We are calling all families and the teachers and caregivers of children to step forward and be the important wayshowers that give children a sense of their highest potential to create a new world based on loving others in ways that support everyone’s Divine Presence and highest calling.

Children need to know that they hold the vital keys for opening the doors to a new way of living and loving in the world. Everyone who is here now ~ most importantly the children ~ are here because they have chosen to be part of seeding a new consciousness of Unity or Golden Age Consciousness.

The Masters have created this Course for those who are being called to assist children in establishing the foundations for this new Golden Age consciousness. The opportunity to be part of creating a new Golden Age comes along when enough people on the planet are ready and willing to shift their consciousness into a whole new dimension of being. That time is now!

Some of the children who are on Earth today already know that they are here to be part of creating a new Golden Age, yet some are not aware they have the capacity to actually assist in shifting the collective consciousness of humanity out of its ages-old slumber. All children will be excited to learn that they hold very important keys for making this shift easier for themselves and for all generations to come.

This Course is a tremendous opportunity for creating new ways of supporting the full potential of every child so they can remember who they are and why they are here specifically during this time.

If children are to rise out of the robotic levels of unconsciousness that are being created by their technologically based lives, it is vital that they feel and be the love they truly are. This is vital not only for all children now, but also for the children of the future.

The core purpose of this Course is to establish such a powerful foundation for giving and receiving authentic love that every child and adult can start living and loving in ways that are not based on their genetic inheritance or the information they may have adopted from history books, movies, television, the internet or even their own families.

The Ascended Masters tell us that virtually no one has been parented in a way that would naturally align us with the depth of love that is truly possible to experience during our lifetime.

To really live within a fully expanded state of love, light must be brought into every cell of the body so all childhood memories, including those within even very young children, can be loved free. The thoughts in the mind, the feelings in the heart and the memories stored within the cells of the body can then cooperate in moving the consciousness of the soul into the freedom of the new Golden Age.

If a child or inner child is carrying any regrets or thoughts centered in revenge, resentment or judgment concerning any action that has supposedly been done to them, then their energies are really anchored in the past. Their love cannot be total or pure because it is always being filtered, literally, through the stuff of the past.

When the parent, the teacher and all the members of a family see how they can assist children in moving into a greater alignment with the unconditional love that is already deeply encoded within their heart, they can start living in much greater harmony with themselves and with each other.

Since separation memories are often held within the emotional body of even the very young, these energies will be lovingly transformed during this Course. Everyone will be shown how to bring all of the limited energies within their hearts, minds and bodies into unity with the 5th dimensional frequencies of the new Golden Age.

What sometimes appears to be in chaos is simply pointing to the cleansing of some level of misinformation. In many classrooms and homes children are merely playing out the chaos they are seeing in the world or in the energy fields of those around them.

Many children are deeply bored and that is why technologies have such a strong hold on them. They do not know why they are here and many of them are losing their connection with their spiritual essence, nature and with each other. They are forgetting how to lovingly care for themselves and the Earth and many are progressively losing their interest in the world around them.

Their brains are starting to be seen by researchers as being more and more computer-like in their functioning. The more their minds override their hearts and feelings, the more disinterested they are in having deeply meaningful relationships with themselves and all of life.

This Course was created to assist children and adults in establishing their true purpose in life. All the exercises are designed to augment one's deepest capacities to care about oneself, each other, the planet and all of life. Love has been greatly misunderstood as a sensation and though it may be felt as an emotion, it is really seeded into one’s higher capacities to feel the Divine within all of life.

The mind has been using Divine Light to create and create and create, yet most every soul has increasingly forgotten that this Light must remain in balance with Divine Love. This great Love was seeded within the original encoding of every heart so there would always be a connection to one’s unlimited spiritual essence.

It is crucial for children to understand their spiritual essence so they have something to hold onto, so they always know who they are beyond all technologies and outside of all external concepts of who others believe they should be. Knowing they have a Presence, and how they can use it in their lives gives them a deep sense of security and purpose.

When children can be assisted in feeling themselves as the love they truly are, it can help to shift some of their attention away from the technologies that are starting to take over their lives and their hearts. This is really essential not only for the future of the present-day children, but also for generations to come.

This Course also embraces the deeply important relationship that we all have with our own inner child. In essence, the inner child sustains the memories that eventually make up how we emotionally respond to the world. Since so much of our emotional history is unconscious, we can live an entire life without ever knowing what it feels like to experience our full capacities to give and receive love.

In this Course, you will learn how to facilitate children being Golden Age children:

* Golden Age children will demonstrate what it looks and feels like to live in an expanded state of harmony and well being in their relationships with themselves, their friends, their family and with all of life, bringing great joy into their surroundings.

* As you share with children the exercises in this Course, they will see how to maintain that harmony, and you as the facilitator will also be expanding the profound joy within your own inner child!

* This conscious awareness can also include becoming more aware of the angels and nature spirits, the spiritual essence within animals, birds and all of life within the sea so everything is seen as part of the one whole family dynamic and the inspiration to care for all of life becomes natural. When the consciousness of the child sees this, he or she wants to make sure that all of life is supported for generations to come.

If you are a parent, grandparent or teacher, you and your children are being invited to become glorious demonstrations of what a family or classroom looks and feels like in a Golden Age where cooperation is the norm and love involves supporting everyone’s highest desires and intentions.

Some highlights of the Course include:

* How to shift the energy of competition into the heart’s deeper desire to express excellence.

* How to replace any sense of lack or limitation with the deep knowing that the universe is always there to give each person the support they need in every situation.

* How to replace judgment with deep self-respect as well as total respect for everyone’s unique journey.

* How adults and children can create greater harmony in their lives by maintaining a more intimate connection with the Earth and her needs so all that is within her, upon her and above her can be recognized and supported.

* How to use sound for establishing and sustaining harmony within the family or within any group setting. Sounds are the true Song of Life. They carry love between all species and it often assists in keeping children connected to the nature spirits and the angelic realms.

* How to use sound, color and specific geometric shapes to align one’s consciousness with specific qualities that support their desires and their purpose in the world.

* How children and their families or classmates can use communication to develop a much deeper sense of each other’s true self-worth.

* How to use communication for building a deeper awareness of what the children, or the adults in their lives, have come to share with the world.

* How each child can be given an opportunity to share the way they would like to use their gifts in the world and how they want to co-create with others so the Golden Age dynamics of contribution and cooperation can be nourished within each of their hearts.

We invite parents, families, teachers and all caregivers of children to participate in this important Course that will give children a sense of their highest potential to co-create a world that is based on loving others in ways that support everyone’s Presence and everyone’s highest calling.

As the children in your life start living their own highest potentials, they naturally start demonstrating what it looks and feels like to live in authentic joy and happiness. They then become the Golden Age wayshowers for their peer group and for the next generation.

The Masters are bringing forth this Golden Age Course for Children because it is time for parents, grandparents and children to be taught how to be Golden Age children, able to co-create a new Golden Age. And they are looking for teachers who can teach it.

The Masters will present the Golden Age Children Teachers Training as a follow-up to this Course. In this Certification Training, you will have the opportunity to be trained to teach this Course in your own way, in your own voice, and to be a wayshower for the children ~ our future leaders ~ to co-create a new Golden Age.

All the Golden Age Children classes held live in Maui have been recorded. As soon as you register, you will receive a web link giving you access to the first recorded Golden Age Children Class as well as the Lightwork Exercises given by the Masters. Then you will receive the next class every week.

If you would like to be mentored by the great spiritual Masters to facilitate the children co-creating a new Golden Age of Freedom, register for the online Golden Age Children Course by clicking here. The cost for the entire online Course is only $173 or three monthly installments of $67. To register, click here.

Please Note: This Course is a pre-requisite for the Golden Age Children Teachers Training presented by the Masters to train you to take this information out into the world and teach it to as many as possible to create a new Golden Age of Freedom.

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In the Love and Light of the One Heart,

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose