The Invitation

At this pivotal moment of choice—one that has not been available since Atlantis—you are being offered the unprecedented opportunity to be personally mentored by the Ascended Masters so you may walk the Earth as a Living Master and be part of transforming the planet into a new Golden Age of Freedom. Read more

Audio Introduction

Listen to a free audio introduction from the Masters.

Teleconference Series ~ A Call to Mastery

This series of 4 recorded Teleclasses with the Masters call you into your own mastery and reveal why you are here and the role you came to play during this Great Shift of the Ages. They also offer ways to achieve health, abundance, and freedom and how to use these times of uncertainly and upheaval to actually increase your potential for mastery and to manifest your greatest service/work in the world. This is an opportunity to be mentored by the Ascended Masters and to benefit from their teachings for these specific times. Read more and click here to register.