Manifesting AS Your Enlightened Presence Teachers Training

Spring Equinox
Initiations with the Masters:
Manifesting AS Your Enlightened Presence
Teachers Certification Training
Maui, Hawaii ~ March 20-23

You are invited to be personally initiated by the greatest spiritual Masters of all time to manifest as your enlightened Presence and create living in the freedom, abundance and joy of the 5th dimension and a new Golden Age.

The magnificent increase in Source Love and Light that began on 12-12-12 and expanded on 12-21-12 will be fully released at the Spring Equinox to bring about the manifestation of the New Earth. You are invited to plant the seeds you want to see manifested that will create a new world.

Master Kuthumi (Saint Francis) and his Twin Ray, Lady Claire:

When we lived in Assisi, we soon realized that we could experience the joy of winter by praying and meditating upon what we wanted to seed in the spring that would bring forth the maximum amount of abundance for everyone in the community. This included planting not only seeds that would bring forth vegetables, fruits, grains and other kinds of plants, yet also the “seeds” that would provide us with plans for the buildings we wanted to construct together upon the land.

We within the Councils of Shamballa will be with you to assist you in remembering how you created when you lived in Lemuria, and later on within your Essene communities. The members within both of these communities created in direct relationship with both the Angelic and the Nature Kingdoms in order to maintain harmony within every level of life in the community where joy was always the overlighting keynote within the heart of every soul.

We will be joining you during your Spring Equinox Initiations as will many other Ascended Masters as you each place what you want to plant within your Golden Age garden. Gather your seed ideas now and put them in a glorious basket to be planted and manifested when you come together for the Spring Equinox training.

Please call upon your Presence this winter to choose what you would like to “seed” within your personal lives or within your communities. When we gather in the Spring, we will be using the magnificent energies within the soul (soil) of your first Spring in 2013 to plant the seeds of your creations and co-creations, so they can all be harvested when it is their perfect season to bloom.

The first few months of 2013 are presenting you with unprecedented opportunities for merging with more and more of your magnificent God Presence.
This is your year of new beginnings! The support you will receive during these times will far surpass what you have known in the past. By the time the Spring Equinox arrives in March you will have uncovered some deep, heart-felt ideas that have just been waiting to be precipitated. You are invited to this Training to joyfully create, co-create and manifest your creations.

In this 4-day training, you will learn from the Masters how to:

* Precipitate from universal abundance using new tools that are aligned with the expanded consciousness of your Presence

* Align with the multidimensional levels of your consciousness to draw upon the abundance of the Universe

* Use Lightwork exercises of regeneration and rejuvenation

* Create and come together in Golden Age communities

* Co-create consciously with the beloved celestial hosts of the Archangels

* Co-create with the Elohim, who are the builders of the form worlds

* Communicate and co-create with the nature spirits and the devas of the land

* Clear your cells and your DNA on a daily basis so they are always prepared to receive unlimited Love and Light of Source

* Live your life consciously as your omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Presence

* Stay attuned with the original encoding of Source that is seeded within your Heart

* Live in the unlimited joy of the Divine

* Engage in Lightwork exercises that continually reaffirm your connection to your Presence as your Master Self

When we gather with the Masters in March, they will be assisting you in making some wonderful internal shifts in consciousness so you can use the increased Light and Love that has now been initiated into your beings by your Presence and by the Heart of the Central Sun of the galaxy on December 21, 2012. These new energies will be used to create your new Golden Age with the Elohim, to regenerate your atomic structure, and to expand Unity Consciousness within your lives and your relationships.

The ascension has now expanded into a global imperative that is building the energies needed to shift the whole of humanity into the worldwide peace and freedom that can only come from living in Unity Consciousness. Each of you is now being invited to live and express from your own enlightened Presence so you can become an active part of holding open the ascension portals for others.

The Ascended Masters and the Elohim are inviting you to create as they create,
and to be their emissaries and the emissaries of your own Presence so you can be part of ushering in this next Age of Enlightenment. All of these great beings will be with you at this Spring Equinox Training as you initiate new ways of living and loving on the Earth so you can truly leave a legacy that is founded in joy, peace, and the kind of inner wisdom that can only be born out of the Love and Light of Source that was seeded within each of your hearts at your conception from out of the Heart of Source.

You each have a place in the great Divine Matrix that is now overlighting your planet. This Matrix holds the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for humanity's freedom and it is inexorably linked into all of the souls who are actively sustaining the great grid of Unity or Christ Consciousness that is surrounding and indeed penetrating our Earth. This grid has greatly expanded since our planet merged her heart with the heart of the galaxy on December 21. In our time together, you will learn how to create from that level of your universal consciousness.

You will be venturing forth from this Training with many new tools for remaining internally vitalized so your service in the world can remain one of ever-increasing joy and you can live in the unconditional abundance that was always intended to support you during your journeys on Earth.

You are being invited to be the wayshowers of manifesting AS your enlightened Presence and living in the freedom, abundance and joy of the 5th dimension, creating a new Golden Age.

The only pre-requisite for this training is the Course, 2013: Creating Your New Life, a 3-class teleseminar/webcast offered January 29, February 5 & 12, and available online after each live class. To register, go to: click here and scroll down to #21. You will receive confirmation immediately.

In this Teachers Training, you will have the opportunity to be trained to teach this Course in your own way, in your own voice, and to be a living demonstration of manifesting as your enlightened Presence.

The Spring Equinox Initiations with the Masters: Manifesting AS Your Enlightened Presence Teachers Certification Training
will be presented by the Masters to train you to take this information out into the world and share it in your style with as many as possible to create a new Golden Age of Freedom!

This Teachers Certification Training will include active interactions with the Ascended Masters and with your own Presence as well as new exercises for manifesting as your enlightened Presence.

You will also receive a Teacher’s Manual containing Lightwork Exercises and diagrams. You will choose how much or how little you want to share of the transmissions that were given by the Ascended Masters in the pre-requisite Course in your own classes.

This four-day training includes a morning and an afternoon session each day.

In this Teachers Training, the Masters will cover:

*The underlying principles of manifesting as your enlightened Presence.

*The foundational premises for establishing your ability to manifest as your enlightened Presence and create living in the freedom, peace, wisdom, joy and abundance of the 5th dimension.

*New and expanded Lightwork Exercises.

*New material to clarify your understanding and integration of the Creating Your New Life Course.

*How to teach others to manifest as their Presence.

*How to teach others to create living as their enlightened Presence.

*Assistance in how you want to present the Creating Your New Life Course yourself.

*Answers to your questions.

The number of participants will be limited to ensure personal exchange with the Masters and receive their one-on-one assistance.

The Training will include:

*Live Transmissions from the Masters.

*Question and Answer sessions with the Masters.

*Practice in small groups.

*Teachers Manual (including diagrams that can be used to create a PowerPoint presentation).

*Audio Recordings of the Transmissions from the Masters.

*Certification to teach the Creating Your New Life Course.

On-going Support also available:

*Twice-Monthly Mentoring with the Masters Teleconferences
to provide on-going coaching of Course presentation and handling questions or aspects of the Course with your participants, as well as new material and transmissions.

A network of Teachers of the Golden Age Courses to share resources and feedback.

If you would like to be mentored by the great spiritual Masters and share with others how to manifest as your enlightened Presence and live in the unlimited abundance and joy of the 5th dimension and the new Golden Age of Freedom, click here and scroll down to #22 to register.

The cost for the entire four-day Spring Equinox Initiations with the Masters: Manifesting AS Your Enlightened Presence Teachers Training including Certification is $394. There is a $100 discount for couples taking the Training together or $344 each. Payment plans are available.

If you would like to be part of the Spring Equinox Initiations with the Masters: Manifesting AS Your Enlightened Presence Teachers Training being held live on the beautiful island paradise of Maui March 20-23 and receive Certification to teach this material to others, click here and scroll down to #22 to register. This is the only time this live Training will be presented.

Space is limited, so please register now to secure your place in this Training.

If you have any questions, please email us at:

We look forward to hearing from you.

In the Love of the One Heart,

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose