Online Courses:

Online Courses to
Walk the Earth as a Living Master:

Through Online Courses and Teleconferences ~ you can now be personally mentored and initiated by the Masters to:

* Transform all limited cellular memory into the unlimited consciousness of your Presence.

* Align with the universal flow of abundance that is the natural state of your Presence.

* Activate your Divine Blueprint, Purpose and Service.

* Manifest more consciously using Sound and Sacred Geometry.

* Open the Divine Union Portals in your body to bring your Presence into your cellular structure.

* Experience the Marriage between your inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

* Realize your true essence as Love.

Mastery I (Online Course 1)

This is the first Course to Walk the Earth as a Living Master, embody your Presence and co-create a new Golden Age. The Masters will teach you how to embody your mastery and come into full alignment with your Divine capacities to co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom.

In this 15-week Course, you will learn how to live as a master in your daily life. Through transmissions and Lightwork Exercises, the Masters will assist you in awakening, sustaining and embodying the vibrational frequencies of a master.

Each class is custom-designed by the Ascended Masters to bring more clarity, harmony, peace, love, grace and abundance into all areas of your life.

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Mastery II (Advanced Course)

Mastery I is a pre-requisite for this Course. These advanced classes are all initiations to open up the many levels that have been submerged—literally— since Atlantis. You will be assisted in opening your dormant DNA strands so you can access your inner genius and its gifts. This will expand your greater capacity to manifest your Divine blueprint in every area of your life. The Masters will increase your ability to embody the qualities of Source that are so vital for ushering in the next levels of Unity or Christ Consciousness. To make this shift a reality, they will unlock the keys within your Spiritual Heart to access all the love you were truly created to experience and share.

You will work with the Councils of Shamballa to affect positive change upon the Earth and you will continue to work within these Councils of Light to co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom.

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Mastery III (Level III Course)

Advanced Mastery II is a pre-requisite for this Course. In this Course you will be prepared on the deepest levels to embody more of your Presence. You will experience a much greater level of transformation within your physical, emotional and mental bodies, so you can lift your heart and mind into the true freedom of Unity Consciousness. It is from this place of Presence that a new Golden Age of Freedom and Abundance can truly be created and lived.

The Masters will assist you in reinstating wholeness, equality and harmony between your mind and heart and between your upper and lower spiritual centers; accessing your limbic or emotional brain; transforming and lifting the most ancient limiting information out of your bones so they can be re-encoded with your unlimited crystalline inheritance; removing any obstacles that may be in the way of receiving your full abundance; and facilitating the union between your cleared body/mind and the ascended consciousness of your Presence, permanently moving your consciousness beyond the confines of the limited self.

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Sacred Relationship I and II: Living in Union with the Beloved

In these courses, Jeshua and Mary Magdalene teach you how to create Sacred Relationship and Divine Union, as well as how to increase your electromagnetic field to attract an outer Twin Ray or Divine Complement relationship. They will cover the full potential of a Twin Ray couple on every level—mind, heart, body, sexuality, intuitive co-mingling, telepathic skills, and the ultimate lovemaking within the Oneness.

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Conscious Ascension: Living as the Presence, Bringing Heaven to Earth

The Masters have created this Course to assist you in ascending into the freedom and abundance of Unity or Christ Consciousness in the 5th Dimension while still living on Earth.

Since the energy of the 3rd dimension has been so misaligned for millenniums, this is an invitation of Divine grace ~ for to experience your ascension while you are still walking the Earth is the greatest gift that has ever been offered to humanity. This Course is designed to escalate not only your ascension, but also the ascension of humanity and the Earth.

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The Golden Age Man and Woman

The Masters have created this Course so that you may live as a Golden Age man or woman. You will learn how to expand your mastery and awaken the unique gifts you specifically brought into this life for creating a new Golden Age of Freedom.

You will learn how to be the wayshowers of a whole new way of being in the world where stress will not be a factor in bringing about aging, disharmony or disease on any level ~ for rejuvenation of the cells is a natural part of living in the Golden Age. You will learn how to live in a continual state of Union with the inner beloved ~ as The Beloved, and how to think, feel and live in a unified, whole-minded state of Oneness with all of life.

In this Course you will discover your Divine Purpose as a spiritual being and as a physical human. This discovery of the Divine Blueprint in relation to the progression of your soul will be so exciting because it will give your heart its longed for template of being, its longed for blueprint ~ not just as an individual, but as the whole of the masculine and feminine genders. This is what your hearts and souls have been longing for. You will learn the new roles of living as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within the Christ Presence in the glory that was originally intended. It is the true state and delight of men and women to be together in this new way in their compete wholeness, which will birth the new Golden Age.

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Certification Course

Mastery I is a pre-requisite for this Course. The Masters want the transformational life-changing Lightwork Exercises from Walk the Earth as a Living Master Course to be put into practice by as many people as possible. This Practitioner Certification Course was created so that you can offer your clients, family and friends the opportunity to embody their Presence and to walk the Earth more consciously as a Living Master. This Practitioner Course is presented by the Masters in a universally useful format.

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