Sacred RelationshipII

Sacred Relationship II
Living in Union with the Beloved

"We come forth to align your souls more deeply with your original encoding to live in ecstatic union with the Divine by expanding your capacity to be in Sacred Relationship with all of life, all of the time."

~ Jeshua and Mary Magdalene

You are being invited to dive deeper into the Self and into your capacity to embody more of your potential for living in Divine Union with the Beloved. Jeshua and Mary Magdalene are once again coming forth from the ascended realms to deepen our experience of Divine Union within ourselves and with each other. They are coming to assist us in moving into an experience of Love that is beyond all mental and sexual imaginings of the mind. And into a level of intimacy that has not been experienced since the Golden Age of Atlantis.

The divisions that have separated not only man and woman, but all of life from one another have been based on erroneous beliefs held within the minds and bodies of humanity's collective consciousness for thousands of years, yet NOW is our opportunity to move completely out of that limited way of thinking and feeling so we can reflect the true possibility for union between all souls.

Sacred Relationship is the vital key for entering into Unity or Christ Consciousness, which is the true foundation of the next Golden Age.

This teaching applies to all relationships—family, friendships, business and romantic.

This Course is for singles, couples or anyone choosing to practice the art of Sacred Relationship.

You will learn how to:

* Create Divine Relationships on every level ~ parent/child, man/woman, friend/friend, business partners and colleagues.

* Surrender more deeply into the Heart of the Presence so you can be lifted into the freedom that is normal within all 5th dimensional relationships wherein each person is supported as a whole individual within an inter-dependent rather than a co-dependent model of relationship.

* Open up the Divine Union portals within, above and below the body for establishing a greater connection with your heart, the heart of the other (or Twin Ray) and the Heart of Source.

* Use the microcosmic and macrocosmic currents within and around the body to bring you, and you and your partner, into an expanded experience of Divine Union.

* Prepare the "mind" within every cell of your body to surrender its history of separation and fear so even the most dense of your relationship memories can actually be utilized to catapult you into your greater potential for Divine intimacy.

* Create a field of light within and around your body to sustain your Divine Blueprint, and dissolve any need to protect your heart or body.

* Train the body, mind and feeling nature to fully cooperate with your moving into the fearless, pure love of Christ or Unity Consciousness.

* Discover and release the four limitations that have created the barriers to true intimacy, which will serve you, your family tree and all of humanity.

* Use easy tools to transmute the thoughts and feelings you have accumulated around how relationships work or how they have not worked in the past to create room for intimacy.

* Remove the armoring and emotional distancing between you and the Inner Beloved and you and your partner.

* Set up an ongoing field of transformation around your body and in your home.

* Make an agreement to transform anything that is in the way of Divine Union to create unity and freedom.

* Evoke the Grace of the Masters and the alchemical frequencies within your Spiritual Heart to transform and lift any subconscious patterning that might be keeping your mental or emotional bodies from being more deeply aligned with your true potential for living in a natural state of ecstasy.

* Increase your capacity to live in the purity and true power of Sacred Relationship by expanding your willingness to continue embodying more of your Presence and living more of your mastery.

What Course Participants are saying:

"This Course moved me into Divine Union. I now realize that it is through human relationship that Divine Love is exalted and perfected. I am now aligned with my purpose ~ to love and be loved in Oneness with the Divine." - M.T.

"This Course helped me to release, heal, transmute and transform many old energies I no longer needed to carry around with me. It gave me a new awareness to enjoy sexual union with my beloved." - P.A.

"I feel deeply connected to Source and can feel the love flowing from my heart. I loved the exercises for merging with my partner." - L.B.

"I experienced union with my inner beloved ~ the most blissful, loving heart orgasm." - B.R.

"For the first time, I am centered, balanced and whole within myself." - S.P.

"I now realize that my twin flame has always been with me--loving me, guiding me and helping me along my way to this very day--where his precious love is flowing over and through me. I am so grateful for this Course. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." -R.T.

To participate in this advanced Sacred Relationship II Course, the first Sacred Relationship I Course is recommended, but not mandatory. You can register for the Sacred Relationship I Course by clicking here.

All the Sacred Relationship classes held live in Maui have been recorded and are now available online. As soon as you register, you will receive a web link giving you access to the first recorded class as well as the exercises given by the Masters. Each week you will receive the web link to access that week’s class recording as well as the important Lightwork Exercises.

To continue to be mentored by Jeshua and Mary Magdalene and live in union with the beloved creating Divine relationships that are the foundation for the next Golden Age, register for this advanced Sacred Relationship II Course by clicking here. Registration for this 3-week online course is $122 for an individual and $220 for a couple.

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In the Love and Light of the One Heart,

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose