Teleconferences with the Masters
A Call to Mastery

These are not ordinary times. You came to Earth because you wanted to be part of this Great Shift of the Ages—this magnificent personal and planetary awakening. We are literally lifting ourselves, and being lifted by the heavenly realms, out of the deep sleep of the ages. You have played in the third dimension of duality for a very long time and now the Ascended Masters are extending an invitation to walk the Earth as a living master and move into the freedom and abundance of Unity Consciousness.

We have not actualized our unlimited Self because we have been in fear and separation for eons. The Masters say we have been sleep walking, and that now is the time for the unlimited Self to be fully awakened within our hearts and those around the world. They are here to assist us in removing the shackles of the past and to realize our freedom and mastery in this embodiment.

This is not a dress rehearsal, and no matter how wonderful or awful you feel your life has been, it has all brought you into this magnificent opportunity to transform the past and the future into the realization of your mastery in the present.

To reach as many people as possible, the Masters are now offering their mentorship through teleconferences. They are inviting you to use these unprecedented times to actualize your fullest potential according to your own specific gifts and unique blueprint.

During these pivotal times they are calling you into your mastery, just as you have been calling them to assist you in embodying more of your Presence or Master Self. In answer to your call, now you can be mentored by these Great Spiritual Masters to achieve your mastery.

In the Teleconferences with the Masters, they address how you can embody more of your Presence and live your mastery and why that is so important right now, including:

• Using these times of uncertainly and upheaval to actually increase your potential for mastery and to manifest your greatest service/work in the world.

• Utilizing the energy of chaos, which always precedes a new age, as the fuel to open your untapped potential.

• Becoming a magnet for abundance to draw the resources of the universe to you and how to stay in the river of your own abundance.

• Transforming the power that money has been given to create and sustain the fear of lack.

• Moving out of survival and scarcity by changing the energies that have been recorded within your spiritual centers so you can move into abundance.

• Consciously creating the circumstances of your life to be in harmony with your mastery.

• Transforming disharmonious thoughts and feelings before they can create disease, and creating wellbeing no matter what is going on around you!

• Using what you see in the world as a springboard to catapult you into a new planetary consciousness.

• Releasing past limitations and future projections and moving into the present to live your full potential.

• Discovering the new relationship paradigm of living together in the joy of the Divine while supporting each other’s highest calling as individuals and as a couple.

• Reconnecting with your true source of empowerment and reclaiming yourself as an unlimited, empowered, sovereign being.

• Seeing the immediate opportunities before you for walking your mastery in this embodiment.

• Realigning with your unlimited Self, ensuring the highest quality of life and your movement into the freedom and abundance of Unity or Christ Consciousness.

• Discovering what you would like to create now that will be part of the foundation for a new Golden Age of Freedom.

This is an opportunity to be mentored by the Ascended Masters and to benefit from their teachings for these specific times.

In each of these four previously recorded one-hour teleclasses, you will receive a transmission from the Masters followed by questions and answers.

This series of four teleclasses is $44. The Masters have specifically chosen this figure so as many as possible can benefit.

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These Teleconferences with the Masters are part of the Unveiled Mystery School created by the Masters. You can learn more about their other Courses here.

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In the Love and Light of the One Heart,
Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose