What Participants Are Saying

“If you are looking for Courses to help you live as a Master, I suggest you check out these courses. I whole-heartedly recommend them. I know you will be forever changed.” – C.M.

Mastery Course I (Online Course I)

“These Mastery Courses are very powerful, and the training and support offered are indispensable in actualizing your unique personal mastery. This training has been a cornerstone in assisting me in moving to the next levels of my healing work and divine service to humanity.” – N.S.

“The Mastery Courses changed me from the inside out in ways that I had only dreamed possible. My sacred heart opened up and dissolved away the remnants of my past, allowing me to be in the present. The Lightwork Exercises are simple and easy to apply, yet the results are powerful, life changing and truly transformational. I am now living here on Earth fully present as my full Presence. I highly recommend these Courses if you are ready to live on Earth as the Divine Self you came here to be.”K.C.

“These are incredible teachings, most clear and pristine energies. Mastery Course I is so valuable, it’s worth its weight in gold.” – C.B.

“Finding these Mastery Courses is the greatest gift I could have ever given myself. The lessons and exercises, along with the priceless support of the Masters, are connecting me with my Presence and strengthening it on a daily basis, for which I am eternally grateful.” - J.D.

“I am abundantly blessed by my time with the Masters. I treasure every single class, and my walk is graced by each insight and practice. I especially love that the classes are archived and I can listen anytime over and over.- M.P.

“The weekly Questions for the Masters Teleconferences are truly a blessing and such a valuable part of the Mastery Courses. The Masters’ wonderful wisdom, guidance and answers to my questions bring me so much peace. I feel deep gratitude that I am taking these Courses and communicating with the Masters.” - V.G.

“These classes have helped me tremendously to stay centered and peaceful in a very intense time of my life! All the exercises and the daily ‘ritual’ supported me enormously! I can’t even imagine being without this support!– K.M.

The Mastery Course has taught me how to connect with my Twin Ray and experience Sacred Union and to feel ecstasy, bliss and joy on a daily basis.” - S.R.

“I now experience the Presence eternally walking with me. I have had body and emotional issues healed. And I have a new understanding of human sexuality and embracing the wholeness within the Self. I have let go of abandonment and grief issues and welcomed my divine partner as already a part of myself. I am now experiencing peace in all circumstances. I have created greater abundance, and I have established balance in all my relationships.” - M.R.

“I feel so grateful for all the tools and knowledge and exercises that have helped me love myself and, therefore, love others more. I have experienced a major breakthrough in my relationships.” – K.G.

The Mastery I Course has shown me how to let go of past experiences and future projections that are no longer needed so I may live in my Presence. These classes have taught me how to live in balance, harmony, clarity, joy, love and peace, as well as to honor the Divine Presence in all. I now experience feeling ‘whole’ and connected with all other beings.” - N.H.

“I am filled with wonder and gratitude for this first Course in Mastery, which has opened my heart and mind to the possibility of creating a new Golden Age on Earth!” – L.S.

My partner and I are experiencing a whole new way to make love through the spiritual heart energy and we feel truly blessed by the knowledge and inspiration that comes through the Masters’ pure words in Mastery I. Thanking you doesn't really come close to the gratitude and love we feel.” - K.E.

“Each time I listen to the classes, I learn something new. I find the exercises easy and enjoyable. The teachings from the Masters are so enlightening. I look at the world differently now.” – A.W.

“Thank you for this amazing wisdom ~ something the whole planet needs to hear. I am so grateful to have these tools and support. I have been waiting for a Course like this for a long, long time.”D.T.

“Thank you so much for the Wednesday Questions & Answers with the Masters Teleconferences. This part of the Course has helped me greatly. So much guidance and love. My heart is deeply touched each time.” – R.S.

“I am so grateful for this Mastery Course and to be able to listen to the Masters’ loving words any time I choose. I'm riveted on the classes and eagerly look forward to each one. Thank you so much for the incredible light you are shedding into the world!”M.T.

“This Mastery Course I has been a godsend for me. Thank you so much for the wonderful solutions to problems I have been pondering for ages and ages!” – N.E.

“In these fast changing times, it is the Divine and Angelic realm that seem to be the most meaningful and uplifting. Thank you for bringing that realm down to earth and for teaching us how to become part of it.” - C.M.

“The changes that have occurred during the past five weeks have been incredible! This Course has really transformed my life.” - P.M.

“With each class, my love is increasing exponentially! Thank you for the amazing transformational exercises. I feel like a new person!C.S.

“I have come to know my Self and my Presence in a whole new way. Finding this deep peace, joy and love has been divine. I can't thank you enough for the classes. I am in bliss with each lesson!” – L.H.

“It is an amazing journey to feel complete and whole within. Thank you for the Masters’ words that launched me deeply into that place.” - V.P.

Mastery II (Advanced Course)

“The Mastery II Advanced Course has been a profound life-changing experience for me. My life has shifted and blossomed in magical ways. Words can not even begin to convey my gratitude.” - L.T.

“The Advanced Mastery Course transformed my life. I have not only more fully embodied my Presence, I have instant feedback in my body when I stray from my Presence. Stroke symptoms return if I stray into separation or victim consciousness. Anything that no longer serves me is immediately realized and brought back into alignment with my Presence. This has been the greatest gift.” - S.C.

“The transmissions from the Masters created incredible changes in me. And it continues to go on and on. With the tools, I found so much love, compassion and forgiveness in me that I am a very different person.” - K.G.

“The Advanced Mastery Course has blessed all areas of my life—from a greater embodiment of my Presence to realizing my full ability to create with the Divine. The gifts in the Lightwork Exercises are tremendous. This work has taken me into orgasmic bliss and ecstatic reunion with my Twin Ray and inner Beloved.” - G.F.

“The Advanced Mastery Course has given me a greatly expanded connection to Source and to all the Masters and Angels, so I can hear their guidance. I am now grounded in the strength of this eternal connection of Oneness.” - B.N.

“Every moment of the transmissions has been exquisite, riveting and life-changing. The power of the Lightwork Exercises is quite incredible, and the more I do them, the greater the continued effects in my life.” - S.J.

“I feel immense gratitude for this opportunity to hold the hand of the Beloved, and to meet more deeply and ecstatically my own self as Beloved.” - M.R.

As a result of this work with the Masters, the way is open before us to gently and lovingly guide all of life into liberation and fulfillment. What an honor to be one with this Brother/Sisterhood of Light and Love. Our destiny is fulfilled, and together we joyously step into the new realm of the Golden Age.” - R.C.

Mastery III (Level III Course)

“The Mastery III Course is one of the most profoundly inspiring, transformative Courses that I recall in my wonderful journey of awakening.” - M.O.

“With deep gratitude, I bow in appreciation to the treasures of teachings and guidance you are providing. You have enriched my life on the deepest levels possible.– J.R.

“Just when I think we've reached the top and there's no further to go, UP we go, higher and faster and more glorious than before.” - N.H.

“Thank you for the grace, love, devotion and inspiration you are bringing to all of us, giving us the gift of the Masters and their light work!” – C.S.

Conscious Ascension Course

“The energy, information, connection and love from the Conscious Ascension Course are almost indescribable. I feel quite uplifted, inspired, loved and gracefully able to move through any obstacle that has blocked my well being, the flow of my life force and my ascension. My body/heart feels clear, open, full and able to live Heaven here now!” – P. K.

“I thought it couldn’t get any better, and it did! I was deeply moved by the powerful initiations and activations in the Conscious Ascension Course. I highly recommend this Course.” – A.K.

“I love all the tools to embody the Presence and stay in 5th dimensional consciousness, no matter what is happening around me. I treasure every single Conscious Ascension class with the Masters and their clear information and precise guidance. What a blessing and gift!” – B.T.

“An incredible journey into self-discovery. Wonderful exercises for moving deeply into my Divine essence. My greatest appreciation for the guidance, support and supreme love that has flowed from the Divine to me during this Conscious Ascension Course. I am blessed and grateful.”R.D.

“The Conscious Ascension Course has been amazingly powerful. It has cleared limitations held at deep cellular levels, and allowed great causeless joy to arise. I am extremely grateful for this great blessing.” – S.S.

“I have been doing the practices every day and every day I am truly living in conscious awareness making conscious (rather than unconscious) choices. I now can tune into the guidance of the Ascended Masters and the angelic realms.” C.V.

“I feel a mental clarity that I never felt before. I physically felt the armoring around my heart fall away and deep, deep feelings of not being good enough and needing to be perfect disappear. I physically felt my masculine & feminine energies come together in sacred union.” – M.B.

“Thank you a million fold for the elixir of pure love in each class. I am eternally grateful for the wisdom, deep peace, joyful bliss and transforming energies that aligned me with my wholeness and true essence.” M.P.

“Thank you for the exercises that brought me into Oneness ~ with my Twin Ray, with my Presence, with Source, and into Oneness with All That Is.” – W.S.

Sacred Relationship I and II Courses

“I just finished the first Sacred Relationship I Course and I am in a state of love and bliss. How profound and beautiful! Truly life changing.” – C.C.

The Sacred Relationship II Course helped me to release, heal, transmute and transform old limited energies I no longer needed to carry around with me. It gave me a new awareness to enjoy sexual union with my beloved.” - P.A.

“Thank you for providing a space where I and others can experience our highest light and being.” – D.M.

“I feel deeply connected to Source and can feel the love flowing from my heart. I especially love the exercises for merging with my partner.” - L.B.

“Thanks to your Course, for the first time, I am centered, balanced and whole within myself.” - S.P.