The Golden Age Man and Woman Course

The Golden Age Man and Woman

We are calling thousands of you to embody your mastery now so you can create new paradigms on every level of your life. Every Golden Age is created by those who are willing to manifest from the level of Presence. We are speaking to the hearts of all who know you are here to co-create the next Golden Age of Freedom.

~ Masters Kuthumi and Lady Claire

The Masters have created this Golden Age Man and Woman Course so that you may live as a Golden Age man or woman. This invitation is a clarion call to expand your mastery and awaken the unique gifts you specifically brought into this life for creating and supporting the new Golden Age of Freedom.

The life of a Golden Age man or woman will be their unique song and it will be in harmony with the symphony of the universe.

For the director is not the limited personality self as it has been in the past, it is rather the Presence that is shared by all.

The walk of a Golden Age man or woman will be a pure demonstration of Oneness.

The Masters tell us that this is of utmost importance at this pivotal time when many are discovering that they have chosen, or are choosing, to be the forerunners and initiators of the next Golden Age of Freedom.

Up until now, about 90% of one's life has been run by the unconscious memories held within the cells. This Course will focus on embodying the Presence on such a deep cellular level that the soul will be able to reawaken the original Love and Light of Source that is encoded deep within every cell. This awakening then prompts the cells to merge with the crystalline DNA, releasing the qualities, abilities and powers of the Divine.

As the consciousness of the Christ Self expands into more and more of the body, the mind will relax its fears and stress will no longer have a place to maintain the unconscious memories within the cells. Disease and disharmony cannot thrive on true Light and true Love. All fear-based information can be transformed so the Light from Source encoding that is within every cell can spin into freedom.

The Golden Age man and woman are to be the wayshowers of a whole new way of being in the world where stress will not be a factor in bringing about aging, disharmony or disease on any level. Rejuvenation of the cells will be a natural part of living in the Golden Age.

Masters Jeshua and Mary Magdalene:

Golden Age men and women are here
to pioneer a world that is not modeled
on the past or dependent on the future.

For in a Golden Age one lives in a more or less continual state of Union with the inner beloved ~ as The Beloved. And where the heart and mind of the Presence remain in such an ongoing state of rest and rejuvenation that the immune system can be constantly revitalized and strengthened and do its job. And where the heart remembers that its beat was meant to be in rhythm not only with the planet, but also with the rhythm that is beating the heart of the galaxy.

Some of the transmissions during the Golden Age Man and Woman Course will be directed at transforming any unnecessary ancestral information back into their original encoding. As these transformed energies proceed to raise the Light quotient within your cells, your mental and feeling nature will start moving into alignment with the ascension spiral that is designed to give you greater access to the Divine Wisdom of your God Presence. This spiral is important to your soul’s ascension into Unity Consciousness because it connects you to all of life.

As you increase your resonance to match that of your Presence, your own inner male and female will naturally start remembering their capacities to think, feel and live in a unified, whole-minded state of Oneness.

The Masters will assist you to:

*Redefine and release the old roles prescribed to men and women.

*Establish practices for being totally present rather than living in the confinement of any pre-determined patterns of activity.

*Develop a foundation for loving without judgment.

*Know what it looks like to think, feel and be motivated by the unlimited Self.

*Create quantum, unlimited foundations for living in the new Golden Age.

*Make choices from the mind of the heart rather than the conditional mind.

*Clear the memories within the cells to assist in reactivating your crystalline DNA.

*Create equality and support for each other's highest calling.

*Focus in the stillpoint and live in the neutrality of the quantum field where stress cannot live.

*Live from a centered base of being and establish a foundation of freedom.

Archangel Metatron and the Queen of Light tell us, “It is vital that there are emissaries who are truly living their mastery by focusing the majority of their attention on living as the love that is the true and natural essence of their Master Self.

“This is your invitation to walk in that Love as
Golden Age men, women and children.”

If you are dedicated to supporting all that is in harmony with Unity or Christ Consciousness and to being part of co-creating the next Golden Age, this Course is for you!

To embody your Presence and live your mastery is the eventual purpose of every life and it is truly the most exciting discovery you can make in any lifetime.

~ Masters Jeshua and Mary Magdalene

Golden Age Man and Woman Course participants report:

“Without fail, every class brought me into an expanded consciousness of eternal love. While the everyday thoughts melted away, I was transformed!" ~ C.N.

"This Course brought me into Divine union as I released separation, loss and lack. I have so much gratitude for these teachings." ~ D.M.

"These classes have given me a deep remembering of my truths, gifts, love and gratitude. My great appreciation to you for providing me the opportunity to know that our time to live heaven is now!" ~ P.L.

The Masters are bringing forth this Golden Age Man and Woman Course because it is time for as many as possible to be taught how to be Golden Age men and women and truly walk the Earth as living masters, able to co-create a new Golden Age. And they are looking for teachers who can model this and teach it to others.

The Masters will present the Golden Age Man and Woman Teachers Training as a follow-up to this Course. In the training, you will have the opportunity to be trained to teach this Course in your own way, in your own voice, and to be a living demonstration of your own mastery and a Golden Age man or woman.

All the Golden Age Man and Woman classes held live in Maui have been recorded. As soon as you register, you will receive a web link giving you access to the first recorded Golden Age Man and Woman Class as well as the Lightwork Exercises given by the Masters. Then you will receive the next class every other week to give you time to work with the teachings, practices and exercises of these accelerated and deeper levels of these classes.

This Course will teach you how to be a Golden Age man or woman and to pioneer a world that is not modeled on the past or dependent on the future.

If you would like to be mentored by the great spiritual Masters to live an unlimited life of freedom and abundance as your Presence and co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom, register for the online Golden Age Man and Woman Course by clicking here. The cost for the entire online Course is only $177 or three monthly installments of $70. To register, click here.

Please Note: This Course is a pre-requisite for the Golden Age Man and Woman Teachers Training presented by the Masters to train you to take this information out into the world and teach it to as many as possible to create a new Golden Age of Freedom.

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In the Love and Light of the One Heart,

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose