The Invitation

The Invitation

Dear Ones,

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of humankind—one that has not been available to us since Atlantis.

Because of the choices made in Atlantis, the ability to take a quantum leap was lost for millenniums.

As we enter the great shift of the ages, we are, once again, being given the opportunity to co-create a new Golden Age. In order for this to manifest, there must be a sufficient number of us who have achieved our own personal mastery and are walking the Earth as Living Masters able to consciously co-create with the Great Beings of Light in the spiritual realms.

These Great Beings of Light are giving us the unprecedented opportunity of a lifetime to be personally mentored and coached into our full mastery so we may indeed walk the Earth as Living Masters. They are calling those who know they are here to assist in transforming the planet into the next great Golden Age of Freedom.

In this unveiled Mystery School of Living Mastery, each participant will learn directly from the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of Light the universal teachings that have allowed all the great masters down through the ages to achieve mastery.

This is what you can expect:

· Learn to transcend the stumbling blocks that have limited humanity for eons.

· Develop your inner hearing above the confusion, chaos and pollution within the electromagnetic fields surrounding the planet.

· Activate the Grace Light of the Divine Presence, transforming all limited memories within your mind, emotions and body back into their original encoding from Source.

· Open and activate the five dormant descending spiritual centers, bringing the Light of the Presence into your body.

· Initiate the opening of the inactive strands of your DNA, which manifests the consciousness of the Presence.

· Expand the energy field of your heart to become a permanent portal for the Presence.

· Experience the fullness of your inner marriage with the Beloved.

· Live your true Divine Blueprint as part of the larger Divine Plan for creating Heaven on Earth.

· Co-create the next Golden Age of Freedom in conscious awareness with the Councils of Light.

· Expand your own field of Love and Light to positively affect large numbers of people, including all those you have ever met, all the family you have ever had, all the students you have ever had, and all the teachers you have ever had.

If this resonates with your heart and soul and you are ready to commit to your own mastery and be a living embodiment of the Presence to co-create the next Golden Age, please join us in this groundbreaking event.

This foundational four-month course is now available online through this website. Choose Mastery I from the menu for more information. To register, click on Payment.

In the Love and Light of the One Heart,

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose