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The Golden Age Children
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Golden Age Children Course
for Parents and Teachers

Children who are aware of who they are and why they are here have the power to greatly assist shifting humanity’s consciousness into a new Golden Age of Freedom. Conscious children hold the keys that will keep the doors open to a new harmonious way of living for generations to come. Yet they must be strongly focused to wade through the layers of misinformation coming at them daily from the media, the internet and video games, and even from their own siblings and classmates. For in general, the world around them is still living in a consciousness of limitation.

This is why we are reaching out to you—parents, teachers and all those who love children—to become part of this Golden Age Children Teachers Certification Training so you can assist children in taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity to create a world that is love-based rather than fear-based—a world based on equality and mutual support rather than greed and competition.

It is our honor and privilege to invite you to the Teachers Certification Training of the Golden Age Children Course for Parents and Teachers and those whose life path involves working with children during these pivotal times.

Now is the time for as many children as possible to become aware of how they can be a part of co-creating a new Golden Age of Freedom. They are our future! You can assist them to become conscious wayshowers of a whole new way of being in the world, for most children do not fully realize the glorious opportunity that is before them.

The children are important because what they do and how they live their lives will affect all of life for generations to come.

This Training will provide you with ways to help children have such a true sense of who they and how they can establish an authentic sense of self-worth rather than adapting themselves to some of the world's unhealthy standards.

In this Teacher’s Training you will be given wonderful tools for bringing you and the children into alignment with the unconditional love, clarity, wisdom, joy and natural empowerment that is the real nature of the True Self.

Words cannot aptly describe the immense role you can play in helping the children who have chosen to be here during this crucial time in humanity’s unfolding. Many children need to be deeply inspired to open up their gifts and talents rather than be consumed by all that is around them that often uses up their life force in unhealthy ways.

Teachers are needed now to assist children in staying aligned with the deep and natural wisdom of their own hearts. When children and adults see and feel what happens when love leads the way, they will want to continue staying focused on their True Self in total harmony with others and co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom!

Discover how you can aid children to have an important part in ushering in this glorious new Golden Age and then go forth and teach others how to do the same.

We have waited many ages for the opportunity that is before us. The proverbial golden ring is right out in front of us. We invite you to reach out and take hold of it and be an active part of creating paradise on Earth.

The only pre-requisite for this training is the Golden Age Children Course for Parents and Teachers, which is now available online. Once you complete this Course, you can begin the Teachers Training. To register, click here and you will begin receiving the 6 classes immediately.

In this Teachers Certification Training, you will have the opportunity to be trained to teach this Course in your own way, in your own voice, and to positively affect the future. You will be personally trained by the Masters to take this information out into the world and share it in your style with as many as possible to create a new Golden Age of Freedom!

Through live teleconferences, Skype and webcasts, this training will include active Interactions with the Ascended Masters and with your own Presence addressing how you would like to facilitate and share the information you learned in the six-week Golden Age Children Course for Parents and Teachers.

This training includes 15 audio recordings of the complete four-day live training, a 108-page Teachers Manual, live teleconferences/ Skype/ webcasts as well as Certification.

In this Teachers Training, the Masters will cover:

* The Golden Age principles

* Golden Age Children Course premises

* New and expanded Lightwork Exercises

* New material to clarify your understanding and integration of the Golden Age Children Course information and exercises.

* How to teach children to live, walk, love and co-create as Golden Age children.

* Assistance in how you want to live and present the Golden Age Children Course yourself.

*Answers to your questions.

Live teleconferences, Skype and webcasts will ensure your personal exchange with the Masters to receive their one-on-one assistance.

The Training will include:

* Transmissions from the Masters

* Question and Answer sessions with the Masters

* Teachers Manual (including Lightwork Exercises and diagrams that can be used to create a PowerPoint presentation)

* Certification to teach the Golden Age Children Course

On-going Support also available:

* Bi-Monthly Mentoring Teleconferences with the Masters are available to provide on-going coaching of Course presentation and handling questions or aspects of the Course with your participants.

* A network of Teachers of the Golden Age Children Course is available to share resources and feedback.

If you would like to be mentored by the great spiritual Masters to share with children how to live an unlimited life at one with their True Self and co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom, please click here to register.

The cost for the entire four-day Golden Age Children Teachers Training including Certification is $388. There is a $100 discount for couples taking the Training together or $338 each. Payment plans are available.

If you would like to participate in the Golden Age Children Teachers Training and receive Certification to teach this empowering life-transforming course to parents, teachers and children, click here to register.

If you have any questions, please email us at:
We look forward to hearing from you.

In the Love of the One Heart we share,

Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett